Boomi Integration release notes for 10 Aug 2019

The following list shows new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in the Boomi Integration August 2019 release.

Subject to the terms and conditions of our existing contract with your firm, and liability provisions and limits therein, we confirm that Boomi has successfully passed all applicable test cases associated with the updates identified in this product release.

Learn more about the new features and enhancements in the August Release Highlights blog post in the Dell Boomi Community.

Note: Dell Boomi is committed to modernizing its integration platform to ensure ongoing reliability, performance, and scalability. As part of this effort, migrations of the following Atom Clouds to Amazon Web Services are targeted for September 21, 2019:
  • Dell Boomi ANZ Hub Cloud

  • Dell Boomi GBR Hub Cloud

  • Dell Boomi GBR Integration Cloud

  • Dell Boomi USA East Hub Cloud (formerly US Hub Cloud)

To learn more about the transition plans, see the Dell Boomi's Planned Improvements to its Hosting Environment article in the Community. For an updated list of Atom Cloud IP addresses, see Hostnames and IP addresses for the Dell Boomi Atom Clouds.

Release notes for the 12 months preceding the current release are archived.

Issue summary

Note: The “Usable in RC?” column indicates whether individual features, enhancements, and fixes are usable during the Release Control window before final release. Atom and connector updates are included in Release Control and usable, but neither the AtomSphere platform nor Dell Boomi browse Atoms are updated until the actual release. Therefore, until the actual release:
  • You cannot use Atom and connector enhancements and fixes with companion platform changes.

  • You cannot use connector enhancements and fixes with browse changes for connectors that support browsing only through a Dell Boomi Atom Cloud.

New features

AreaIDUsable in RC?Summary
AtomSphere API and Partner APIB2B-425NoAdd support for programmatically querying Tradacoms Connector Record objects.

For more information, see Tradacoms Connector Record object.


AreaIDUsable in RC?Summary
PlatformB2B-449NoAdd the capability to extend Communication Channel settings for HTTP communication.For more information, see:
Amazon S3 REST connectorBOOMI-37245NoAdd the capability to manually specify the AWS bucket region either in the operation or at the document level, thereby circumventing the automatic identification of the region.

For more information, see Amazon S3 REST operation.

Google Ad Manager connectorBOOMI-37698NoAdd support for Version 201905 of the API.

For more information, see Google Ad Manager connector.

HTTP PATCH Client connectorBOOMI-33159NoAdd support for AWS Signature v4 authentication.

For more information, see HTTP PATCH Client connection.

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage connectorCON-166YesImprove the connector’s error messaging.
SAP connectorCON-92NoAdd the capability to specify JCo properties using a properties file.

For more information, see SAP connection.


AreaIDUsable in RC?Summary
AtomB2B-246YesIf an escape character is used to avoid conflict with a delimiter, the escape character is erroneously being counted and causing output to be truncated when using Field Length Validation for an EDI element.
AtomRUN-160YesThe DNS Time To Live System property is incorrectly set.
PlatformB2B-226NoIt is not possible to filter tracked fields by values that contain “<” or “>”, such as AS2 message IDs.
PlatformBOOMI-32154NoLegacy attachments to Dell Boomi Atom Clouds cannot be deleted.
PlatformCON-105NoIn certain connectors implemented using the Connector SDK, a non-leaf node selected for a Query operation remains selected only if one of its leaf nodes is also selected.
PlatformRUN-48NoThe account name filter is erroneously applied to shared server log download requests originated by the Atom, Molecule, or Atom Cloud owner.
Trading partnersB2B-508YesEDIFACT documents that contain line feeds between segments are not routed from the trading partner Start shape.
Trading partnersB2B-521YesThe UNT segment count is incorrect for EDIFACT documents that contain an escape character (?) followed by a single quote.
Trading partnersB2B-541YesIf an EDIFACT trading partner is configured to use Recipient’s Reference/Password, that value is not set in the output document’s UNB segment.
Database connectorBOOMI-31891YesWhen a dynamic document property is set in a process prior to a Database connector shape, the dynamic property value is not persisted through the Database connector shape upon process execution.
HTTP PATCH Client connectorCON-192YesAn error occurs during HTTP PATCH requests if a custom HTTP header contains leading whitespace.
MDM connectorHUB-299YesWhen a connection to a Hub Cloud unexpectedly closes, an error occurs in certain cases while logging the connection error.
SFTP connectorBOOMI-26712YesWhen a dynamic document property is set in a process prior to an SFTP connector shape, the dynamic document property value is not persisted through the SFTP connector shape upon process execution.