Boomi Integration release notes for 13 Jul 2019

The following list shows new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in the Boomi Integration July 2019 release.

Subject to the terms and conditions of our existing contract with your firm, and liability provisions and limits therein, we confirm that Boomi has successfully passed all applicable test cases associated with the updates identified in this product release.

Learn more about the new features and enhancements in the July Release Highlights blog post in the Dell Boomi Community.

Note: Dell Boomi is committed to modernizing its integration platform to ensure ongoing reliability, performance, and scalability. As part of this effort, migrations of the following Atom Clouds to Amazon Web Services are targeted for September 21, 2019:
  • Dell Boomi ANZ Hub Cloud

  • Dell Boomi GBR Hub Cloud

  • Dell Boomi GBR Integration Cloud

  • Dell Boomi USA East Hub Cloud (formerly US Hub Cloud)

To learn more about the transition plans, see the Dell Boomi's Planned Improvements to its Hosting Environment article in the Community. For an updated list of Atom Cloud IP addresses, see Hostnames and IP addresses for the Dell Boomi Atom Clouds.

Release notes for the 12 months preceding the current release are archived.Note: Two-factor authentication, formerly a Tech Preview, is Generally Available for production use with this release.

Issue summary

Note: The “Usable in RC?” column indicates whether individual features, enhancements, and fixes are usable during the Release Control window before final release. Atom and connector updates are included in Release Control and usable, but neither the AtomSphere platform nor Dell Boomi browse Atoms are updated until the actual release. Therefore, until the actual release:
  • You cannot use Atom and connector enhancements and fixes with companion platform changes.

  • You cannot use connector enhancements and fixes with browse changes for connectors that support browsing only through a Dell Boomi Atom Cloud.

New features

AreaIDUsable in RC?Summary
AtomSphere API and Partner APIB2B-16NoAdd the capability to programmatically add and manage trading partner processing group components.

For more information, see Trading Partner Processing Group object.

AtomSphere API and Partner APIB2B-423NoAdd the capability to query for expiring deployed certificates.

For more information, see Deployed Expired Certificate object.

PlatformINT-695NoAdd the capabilty for account administrators to enable or disable user access to RSS feeds.

For more information, see Account features management.


AreaIDUsable in RC?Summary
AtomRUN-116YesTo maintain compatibility with Java version upgrades, add a new security compatibility property which removes the SYMANTEC_TLS property from the JVM.

For more information, see Controlling Java security compatibility.

AtomRUN-140YesImprove Map shape processing performance.
Atom, AS2 Shared Server connectorB2B-199YesImprove inbound AS2 communication troubleshooting capability by reporting negative MDNs in Process Reporting at both the process and document levels and populating all AS2 tracked fields.
Atom InstallersRUN-111NoThe Atom, Molecule, and Atom Cloud installers and updaters are modified to use Java 1.8.0_212. Dell Boomi Atom Clouds are also modified to use Java 1.8.0_212.
Atom InstallersRUN-112NoUpdate Docker installers to download the latest supported JRE as part of the Atom, Molecule, or Atom Cloud installation. The Docker container no longer includes a separately installed JDK.

Although Docker installers are not available for use during the Release Control period, you can manually use the latest Docker Hub images to receive the latest features and security updates.

For more information, see Docker installation of an Atom, Cloud, or Atom Cloud.

AtomSphere API and Partner APIINT-105NoTo improve platform performance, Audit Log object queries no longer return audit log entries for extension value changes. These entries are still accessible in the user interface.
PlatformB2B-179NoAdd the capability to extend Communication Channel settings for Disk communication.For more information, see:
PlatformB2B-450NoAdd the capability to extend Communication Channel settings for FTP communication.For more information, see:
PlatformB2B-473NoAdd the capability to extend Communication Channel settings for SFTP communication.For more information, see:
PlatformB2B-509NoFor the Start Shape dialog’s Trading Partner option and the Trading Partner shape, update the look and feel of the Trading Partner List for consistency with the recently enhanced My Standards list.For more information, see:
PlatformINT-45NoLink the Atom column in Process Reporting to the Atom Information panel in Atom Management.

For more information, see Process Reporting page.

PlatformINT-654NoAdd an audit log entry when a user accepts trial account Terms and Conditions.For more information, see:
PlatformINT-655NoPrompt a trial account user to accept account Terms and Conditions when logging into their account for the first time.
PlatformINT-760NoEnhance processing around test execution data to improve platform performance.
HTTP PATCH Client connectorBOOMI-33155NoAdd support for Basic authentication.

For more information, see HTTP PATCH Client connection.

HTTP PATCH Client connectorBOOMI-33156NoAdd support for Digest authentication.

For more information, see HTTP PATCH Client connection.

HTTP PATCH Client connectorBOOMI-33158NoAdd support for OAuth 2.0 authentication.

For more information, see HTTP PATCH Client connection.

MDM connectorHUB-243YesAdd the capability to deliver source record update requests on a channel one at a time.

For more information, see MDM operation’s inbound actions.

Oracle CRM On Demand connectorBOOMI-34711YesAddress a security concern.
SAP connectorBOOMI-37015NoAdd support for the addition of the Message Type, Message Code, and IDoc number tracked properties in the Listen operation.

For more information, see SAP connector.

Workday Prism (Tech Preview) connectorCON-126NoThe connector is renamed. The new name is the Workday Prism Analytics (Tech Preview) connector.


AreaIDUsable in RC?Summary
AtomB2B-128YesWhen a large number of transactions are received through the AS2 Shared Server connector, if a process is canceled a positive MDN is returned even though no documents were processed.
PlatformB2B-386No“Not Acknowledged” is erroneously reported in Process Reporting despite the sending of an MDN receipt to the trading partner.
PlatformBOOMI-33939NoThe "Restart Plugin Now?" dialog displays to all users when attempting to save Shared Web Server settings, but should only display for Atom Cloud owners.
PlatformPS-103NoAtom status events are processed out of order under certain circumstances.
Atom InstallersRUN-128NoUnattended Atom installer upgrades do not migrate certificates.
Amazon S3 REST connectorBOOMI-35822YesAn error occurs while uploading objects in multiple parts. With this release, the service provides an improved error message with more information to help you troubleshoot communication issues.
AS2 Client connectorB2B-498YesAn error occurs when logging that a reponse is not an MDN.
HTTP PATCH Client connectorBOOMI-30555YesWhen the Path dynamic property is not set, an additional slash null (/null) is incorrectly appended to the Base URL in the connection, resulting in errors. Additionally, when the Path dynamic property is empty, an additional slash (/) is incorrectly appended to the Base URL.
JMS connectorBOOMI-36594NoWhen creating a WebSphere MQ connection, Port data settings are not retained in the saved component.
JMS connectorBOOMI-36659NoWhen creating a WebSphere MQ connection, SSL Cipher Suite data settings are not retained in the saved component.
JMS connectorCON-90NoWhen the Use SSL option is deselected in a Websphere MQ connection, SSL Cipher Suite options remain enabled and configurable.
JMS connectorCON-100NoThe Solace server type in a connection produces an error when a process using that connection executes on a Dell Boomi Integration Cloud.
LDAP connectorBOOMI-36576YesThe attributes that Active Directory returns in the response document for any LDAP object (user, account, address, etc.) do not include the streetAddress attribute.
NetSuite connectorBOOMI-30118YesThe EXECUTE operation produces an error when used with the Vendor Payment Initialize object. To utilize the Vendor Payment Initialize object, re-import the operation component.
NetSuite connectorCON-36YesAdvanced Search does not display Transaction Column and Transaction Item Option custom fields. Re-import the custom fields to leverage the corrected behavior.
NetSuite connectorCON-101YesFilters for Advanced Search do not include custom fields for NetSuite joined objects.