Boomi Integration release notes for 22 Jun 2019

The following list shows new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in the Boomi Integration June 2019 release.

Subject to the terms and conditions of our existing contract with your firm, and liability provisions and limits therein, we confirm that Boomi has successfully passed all applicable test cases associated with the updates identified in this product release.

Learn more about the new features and enhancements in the June Release Highlights blog post in the Dell Boomi Community.

Note: Dell Boomi is committed to modernizing its integration platform to ensure ongoing reliability, performance, and scalability. As part of this effort, the legacy Dell Boomi Integration Test Atom Clouds will be retired August 31, 2019. Region-specific replacements for the legacy Test Atom Clouds are now available. The legacy US Atom Cloud is targeted for retirement October 31, 2019. Migration of other Dell Boomi Atom Clouds will occur in subsequent phases.

To learn more about the transition plans, see the Dell Boomi's Planned Improvements to its Hosting Environment article in the Community. For an updated list of Atom Cloud IP addresses, see Hostnames and IP addresses for the Dell Boomi Atom Clouds.

Release notes for the 12 months preceding the current release are archived.

Issue summary

Note: The “Usable in RC?” column indicates whether individual features, enhancements, and fixes are usable during the Release Control window before final release. Atom and connector updates are included in Release Control and usable, but neither the AtomSphere platform nor Dell Boomi browse Atoms are updated until the actual release. Therefore, until the actual release:
  • You cannot use Atom and connector enhancements and fixes with companion platform changes.

  • You cannot use connector enhancements and fixes with browse changes for connectors that support browsing only through a Dell Boomi Atom Cloud.

New features

AreaIDUsable in RC?Summary
Atom InstallersBOOMI-34949NoAdd the capability to specify a cron schedule on the Docker installer to automatically apply security updates to the container's base image.

Although Docker installers are not available for use during the Release Control period, you can manually use the latest Docker Hub images to receive the latest features and security updates.

For more information, see Docker Installation of an Atom Molecule, or Atom Cloud.

AtomSphere API and Partner APIBOOMI-35209NoAdd the capability to authenticate AtomSphere API and Partner API calls using tokens as an alternative to user credentials.

Users can create and manage up to five tokens per account. Administrators can manage all the tokens created for a given account.

For more information, see API Token Management.


AreaIDUsable in RC?Summary
Atom, Platform, Trading partnersB2B-451NoAdd the capability to extend Communication Channel settings for AS2 communication.For more information, see:
Atom InstallersBOOMI-36075NoThe Atom, Molecule, and Atom Cloud installers are updated for better diagnostic support.
PlatformB2B-474NoEnable retrieval of Acknowledgment Status and Acknowledgment Report trading partner information document properties for X12 EDI. In order to select these properties, in the Choose Properties dialog, expand Trading Partners Information > X12 > Functional Group.

For more information, see Trading Partner information document properties.

PlatformBOOMI-35388NoImprove form field organization in the SAP connection Listener Settings tab with the addition of a Transaction Storage Connection Pooling subsection.

For more information, see SAP connection.

PlatformINT-8NoThe following platform enhancement is deferred:

Remove the limit on the number of packages that can be deployed at one time.

PlatformINT-9NoThe following platform enhancement is deferred:

Remove the limit on the number of processes that can be deployed and attached to an environment at one time (Legacy).

PlatformINT-10NoThe following platform enhancement is deferred:

Remove the limit on the number of processes that can be deployed to an Atom at one time (Legacy, non-environment).

PlatformINT-11NoThe following platform enhancement is deferred:

Remove the limit on the number of components for which packages can be created and deployed at one time.

AtomSphere API and Partner APIB2B-15NoProgrammatically add document types to a trading partner.

For more information, see Trading Partner object.

Connector SDKBOOMI-35616YesWith this release, the SDK is updated to v1.3.2.

For information about the enhancements in this update, see the SDK changelog.

Autotask connectorBOOMI-34709YesAddress a security concern.
HTTP Client connectorCON-22NoTo clarify the purpose of the “Return MIME Document” option in the Send operation, change the form field label to read Process Response as MIME.

For more information, see HTTP Client operation.

HTTP Client connectorCON-7YesWhen MIME documents are generated using the Data Process shape and sent via the connector, valid MIME documents are sent by removing folded headers.
JMS connectorBOOMI-34724NoAdd support for Solace to Listen and Get operations.

For more information, see JMS connection: Solace.

SAP connectorBOOMI-34869NoAdd support for Low Latency mode within listener processes.

For more information, see SAP connector.

Salesforce Apex connectorBOOMI-34708YesAddress a security concern.
SugarCRM REST connectorBOOMI-27412NoIn the Query operation, add the capability to enter the maximum number of records a batch returns for each request.

For more information, see SugarCRM REST operation.

Web Services Server connectorBOOMI-15115NoAdd Multipart/form-data as an Expected Input Type option.

For more information, see Web Services Server operation.

Web Services Server connectorBOOMI-15116NoAdd Multipart/form-data as an Expected Output Type option.

For more information, see Web Services Server operation.

Workday connectorBOOMI-35567YesAddress issues introduced in the April 2019 release that were related to legacy versions.


AreaIDUsable in RC?Summary

In a Molecule or Atom Cloud environment, two data store IDs can be generated with the same “unique” ID on two different nodes.

Note: The engineering team is reassessing this issue and will revert this change as part of the July Release Control. If you updated your Atoms to v19.06.2 during June Release Control and are experiencing any issues, request v19.06.4 from Support

AtomBOOMI-36107YesThe thread limiting functionality does not allow ForkJoinPool to run, which causes the Microsoft Azure Service Bus connector to fail.
AtomRUN-122YesData store compression no longer works due to data store name changes.
PlatformB2B-52NoWhen only one standard’s document is received in a process configured to handle multiple standards, document metadata for that standard is not reported.
PlatformB2B-476NoFor an HL7 trading partner document, the sender facility ID is incorrectly reported as the receiver facility ID.
PlatformBOOMI-36206NoWhen creating or updating Database connections, Class Name and Connection URL settings are not retained when the component is saved.
HTTP Client connectorBOOMI-34736NoThe Amazon AWS Service Type and Amazon AWS Region settings erroneously are not extensible.
HTTP Client connectorBOOMI-35627NoAmazon AWS Region options use mixed case, which causes an error when an option is entered as an environment extension value. This fix reformats the options to use only lowercase and hyphenated characters.
Intacct connectorBOOMI-35704YesAn error occurs when executing the Query operation on a get_trialbalance object for a version 2.1 connection.
Microsoft Azure Service Bus connectorCON-65YesAn error occurs when executing a Receive, Send, or Delete operation on a Java 1.7 Atom.
RabbitMQ connectorCON-63YesConnector does not manage threads efficiently.