API Management release notes for 22 Jun 2019

The following list shows new features in the API Management June 2019 release.

Subject to the terms and conditions of our existing contract with your firm, and liability provisions and limits therein, we confirm that Boomi has successfully passed all applicable test cases associated with the updates identified in this product release.

Release notes for the 12 months preceding the current release are archived.

Issue summary

New features

Plans32043Contracts are gone, and Plans are here.

Plans are reusable across APIs. So, you can create a Plan once and use it for multiple APIs rather than having to replicate a Contract from API to API if you want both to have the same access rights.

All of your existing Contracts were migrated to unique Plans. You can clean up duplicate plans using the Bulk Move Plans option.

For more information, see:
API Catalog34900The sliding panel on the API Catalog showing API information is expanded with additional fields of data about the API endpoints.