Master Data Hub release notes for 11 May 2019

The following list shows new features, enhancements, and bug fixes in the Master Data Hub May 2019 release

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Issue summary

New features
Platform, RepositoryHUB-141Provide a stewardship option to restore an end-dated golden record linked to a quarantined entity and, if possible, apply updates from the entity to the restored record.For more information, see:
Platform, RepositoryHUB-142Provide a stewardship option to reject a quarantined entity to which an end-dated golden record is linked and propagate a source record update request specifying a Delete operation on the channel of the contributing source.For more information, see:
Platform, RepositoryHUB-178Add the capability to the golden record detail view to end-date the record.

For more information, see End-dating a golden record.

RepositoryHUB-157Enable a Repository API endpoint for requesting a golden record’s metadata.

For more information, see Get Golden Record’s Metadata.

PlatformHUB-25Replace the tabbed Stewardship page with Golden Records, Quarantine, and Staged Entities pages accessible through a new Stewardship menu.

For more information, see Stewardship menu.

PlatformHUB-128Remove the unnecessary reference integrity validations performed during model deployment and undeployment and during source attachment and removal.
PlatformHUB-198In the Repositories page, sort repository cards alphabetically by name.
RepositoryHUB-180Add the capability to configure match rules to enable matching on collection field data.
RepositoryHUB-231If the first entity in an incoming batch does not match a golden record and the entity is quarantined due to an unknown reference value, subsequent non-matching entities in the batch may be quarantined with an incorporation error.
RepositoryHUB-270The golden record detail view is empty when opened by a user to whom a custom role with tag-based entitlements is assigned.

Note: This fix required deployment of a Repository update to Dell Boomi Hub Clouds May 15–16, 2019.