Boomi Flow release notes for August 2019

The following list shows fixes and enhancements in the August 2019 releases of Boomi Flow, including releases up until 6 September 2019.

Subject to the terms and conditions of our existing contract with your firm, and liability provisions and limits therein, we confirm that Boomi has successfully passed all applicable test cases associated with the updates identified in this product release.

Issue Summary

New Functionality
PDF Service 1.0.0CORE-4957

The PDF service URL is:

This first version of the PDF service supports the following main areas of functionality:

  • Merge multiple PDFs: This functionality allows multiple PDF files to be combined into a single PDF file.

  • Creating a PDF from URL: In order to work with a pdf file within Boomi Flow, the pdf must first be brought into the Flow environment. This functionality allows an existing hosted PDF to be imported via the URL pointing to the hosted PDF file.

  • Setting up a PDF as a Type: This functionality allows a PDF to be set up as a Type in Boomi Flow. For example, when working with a PDF Form you can set up a Type for the PDF file and then map the Type Properties to the fields within the PDF Form.

  • Populating PDF Forms via a Type: This functionality the fields within a PDF Form to be populated using a PDF Type that is set up and the relevant mapped Type Properties.

  • Generate PDF from HTML: PDF files can be generated from HTML using the PDF Service, using a ‘Create PDF from HTML’ Message Action.

Core 1.126.0CORE-5183Added support for generating sharing tokens for packages with passwords excluded, using the nullPasswords query parameter.

A new Include passwords in package export option on the Export tool defines whether passwords are included in an exported flow.

By default, passwords are not included in an exported flow. This means that any services passwords need to be set again once a flow is imported, as services may not work as expected until these passwords have been set. If you require passwords to be included when exporting a flow, select the checkbox for the new option.

Core 1.126.0FUI-40Added support for removing group elements from flows that are also used in other flows.
Tooling 2.11.0FUI-278When importing a package a confirmation screen is now displayed containing the tenant and flow name. A user now needs to confirm that they are importing into the correct environment.
Core 1.126.0CORE-4155Fixed disabled message actions showing a blank screen.
Core 1.126.0CORE-5381Fixed translating elements not generating new element version IDs.
Core 1.126.0CORE-4270Fixed business rules sometimes not correctly evaluating nested comparisons.
Core 1.126.0CORE-5375Fixed message actions in the same element not being able to reference values set in a previous-ordered action in the same element.
Core 1.126.0CORE-5146Fixed validation failures being ignored when setting values coming from services.
Core 1.126.0CORE-5350Removed support for legacy (pre-11th June 2019) authentication tokens.
Core 1.128.0CORE-5419Fixed password properties on default object and list values not adhering to the nullPasswords packaging parameter
Tooling 2.11.0FUI-293Fixed the migration polling (external state storage) from not working correctly
Tooling 2.11.0FUI-95Fixed builders being able to save illegal JSON when editing a flows metadata
Tooling 2.11.0FUI-257Fixed inability to scroll through assets in the Tooling in certain scenarios
Tooling 2.11.0FUI-258Fixed requesting password values from the Engine when inserting values
Tooling 2.11.0FUI-263Fixed “field required” error message not clearing when logging into the Tooling
Tooling 2.11.0FUI-296Minor font size change in Tooling sidebar
UI 3.9.0FUI-255Fixed chart components not updating correctly when leveraging operators
UI 3.9.0FUI-309Fixed SYNC responses not being handled when returned from a FORWARD request
UI 3.9.0FUI-337Fixed content encoding errors for certain files
UI 3.9.1FUI-469Fixed an issue where some child flows could not be navigated to when using 'flow out' functionality.
System Flows 1.43.0FUI-389Fixed missing options when editing an outcome on a page.
System Flows 1.43.0FUI-300Fixed an issue where the filter details were not removed when changing the filter type.