Using the latest intelligent algorithms, our pervasive Intelligence provides you with recommendations to improve your experience with the AtomSphere platform and it's elements, develop faster, make well-informed decisions, and help improve and enhance our Intelligence with new capabilities.

Improving speed and efficiency

Intelligence is critical to improve speed and efficiency in a unified, cloud-native platform. By drawing on terabytes of metadata securely collected from processes deployed and run by customers over the past decade, our Intelligence learns and makes recommendations about how to build your processes faster and better. With the collective wisdom of customers, our Intelligence brings greater insights and provides automated shortcuts to the repetitive development of business processes and tasks.


Our Intelligence offers the following capabilities:

  • Recommended filters when building connector Query operations.
  • Recommended fields when building maps (Boomi Suggest).
  • Recommended solutions to troubleshoot and fix document or process errors (Boomi Resolve).

Data collection and your personal data

Our Intelligence does not utilize any data that can be used to clearly identify a person (personally identifiable information, PII, such as full name, social security number, date of birth, etc.). Dell Boomi does not resell or share your data with third parties. The metadata gathered is only used to improve your overall experience with the AtomSphere platform and it's elements, help you make informed product decisions, and further enhance our Intelligence with new capabilities.

What kind of data is collected

Our Intelligence collects and utilizes data during the regular use of the AtomSphere platform and its elements, including:

  • The solutions you build, such as an integration process and a flow.
  • The characteristics and results of the solutions when you execute a process or run a flow.
  • The metadata defining your Atom cloud.

What kind of data is not collected

Our Intelligence does not collect or utilize the following types of data:

  • Connector credentials
  • Author information
  • Cross reference tables
  • Static value mappings

How to manage data collection

As you use the AtomSphere platform, our Intelligence is automatically set and active in your account. If you wish, you can manually opt out.

Privacy Policy

The Intelligence privacy policy describes how information and data we collect from your use of the AtomSphere platform is used. Review the privacy policy for more information.