Timely and accurate information about the status of the Dell Boomi AtomSphere platform and the availability of Dell Boomi-managed Atom Clouds is critical to your business. The status.boomi.com website is Dell Boomi’s status and incident communication system, providing you with up-to-date information regarding system availability and planned maintenance events.

The status.boomi.com website provides system availability, release date notifications, and performance metric information to customers, application vendors, and system integrators.

Google Chrome instance browsed to the status.boomi.com home page. Due to the reduced size of the Chrome window in this image, only the upper portion of the page is visible.

The website puts you in control of how you want to be notified about status changes and incidents by allowing you to choose flexible subscription options. Additionally, the website is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, so that at any time you can check the current availability of the Dell Boomi production Atom Clouds, Test Atom Clouds, and Hub Clouds, and the status of the AtomSphere platform.

You can also reach the status.boomi.com website by clicking on Platform Status & Announcements located in the footer.

Note: While you can subscribe to notifications about Dell Boomi Test Atom Clouds, as well as check their availability, Dell Boomi does not report their performance history because there is no established Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Test Atom Clouds.

The status.boomi.com website also displays:

  • Number of integration processes that ran over the last 30 days, including a table that shows the numbers by day.

  • Total number of Atoms deployed in the Dell Boomi Atom Clouds and on premise.

  • Total number of mappings indexed by Boomi Suggest.

  • Total number of functions indexed by Boomi Suggest.

  • Performance history of the AtomSphere platform and Atom Clouds by date for the past month, including the number of integration processes that ran on each date.