The Dell Boomi AtomSphere platform architecture allows for significant data security for both "on-premise" data and data that is deployed to the Cloud.

Data that processes through an on-premise ("local") Atom will never actually flow through the Dell Boomi data center. The data is stored behind the firewall on a customer server where the Atom is deployed. It is transported directly to either the SaaS or on-premise application through a connector configured to the specific security requirements of the user. Only "tracked" or "status" data is sent to the data center when the user initiates a request from the data center to the Atom. This information includes but is not limited to file size, file name, status information, etc.

For Atoms deployed to our Dell Boomi Atom Clouds, you will have all the security that our data center provides in order to ensure that your data resides in a system that will keep it secure. Our data center provides the highest level of SaaS security available. This will ensure that all your data for Atoms in a Dell Boomi Atom Cloud is fully secure and only accessible by your account.

This image graphically indicates the security for Atoms that are deployed to a Boomi Atom Cloud described in the surrounding text.