Security methods are applied when you initially register for Dell Boomi.

The following diagram illustrates the security method applied and how it is used when storing password information.

This image graphically indicates the phases of password encryption described in the surrounding text.

When you register an account and activate it, we generate a private/public X.509 key for you. We store both the public certificate and the private key in our secure data center.

When you build a connector, you will notice the password encryption window. You enter the password in this window. The password is then encrypted using the public key stored for your account. It is now in a format that only the account holder can decrypt, because only the account holder has access to the password used to unlock the private key, which matches the public key used to encrypt the password.

Password encryption window.

When you deploy an Atom, the entire encrypted string is deployed to that Atom. The credentials of your account supplied during Atom deployment will unlock the communication password at runtime.