Intelligence is automatically set in your account. As a result, anonymous data is generated and collected based on your regular use of the AtomSphere platform. The data helps improve your experience with the platform and it's elements and improves and enhances our Intelligence with new capabilities. If you wish, you can manually opt out.

About this task

If you opt out, Intelligence is disabled for your account and you cannot take advantage of the features to improve your overall experience with the AtomSphere platform and it's elements. You will not get recommendations to build your processes faster. Any data collected prior to opting out is still used and is contributed, but after opting out, your new data is no longer used.


  1. In the Account menu, select Setup.
  2. In the Setup page, select the Account Information tab.
  3. Clear the Enable Intelligence check box.
  4. (Optional) Click the read privacy policy link.

    The privacy policy opens in another browser tab or window. When you are done reading the policy, close it.

  5. Click Save.