The Queue component specifies the configuration of a native Dell Boomi Integration message queue. An Atom’s shared queue server creates a message queue upon invocation of an Atom Queue connector Get, Send or Listen action that specifies the Queue component.

Note: Atom message queuing is an optional feature. To have this feature enabled in your account, contact your Dell Boomi sales representative.

Settings tab

Queue Name

Name of the message queue. This can be different from the queue component name if desired.

Queue Type

Messaging model with which the message queue is used:

  • Point-to-Point — While any number of senders can send messages to a Point-to-Point message queue, each message sent is guaranteed to be delivered to one receiver. Point-to-Point message queues retain all messages sent to them until the messages are received or until the messages expire. Point-to-Point queues are durable.

    This image graphically indicates the point-to-point messaging model described in the surrounding text.
  • Publish/Subscribe — Publishers publish messages to a Publish/Subscribe message queue. Subscribers may register interest in receiving messages on the message queue, but neither the publisher nor the subscriber knows about each other. Zero or more subscribers will receive each published message.

    This image graphically indicates the publish/subscribe messaging model described in the surrounding text.

    The subscriber has to remain continuously active to receive messages, unless it has established a durable subscription. In that case, messages published while the subscriber is not connected will be redistributed whenever it reconnects.

    • Publish/Subscribe queues are always durable when used with the Listen action — the subscription is per-process.

    • Publish/Subscribe queues are always non-durable when used with the Get action.