When you test a process, you can see the progress and the results as each shape is tested.


  1. Open a process.
  2. Click Test above the upper right corner of the canvas.
  3. Optional: (Optional) If you enter test mode and have made a change to the process without saving it, you receive a message. Select one of the following:
    • Click Revert and Reload.

    • Click Save.

    • Click Cancel.

  4. In the Test window, select the Atom on which the process should execute.

    Note: If you do not have an Atom installed, you are prompted to install one before continuing.

  5. Optional: (Optional) If extensions are enabled for your account, click the Test Extensions arrow to configure extension values.
  6. Click Run Test.

    The process canvas background turns gray, indicating that you are in test mode. You cannot edit the process.

    Note: If the process (and any subprocesses within the process) contain a large number of components, a message warning that the test run might take a long time to complete is displayed.

    While a shape is being tested, it is highlighted in yellow. If an error occurs, an error message dialog opens, and the shape is highlighted in red. If the shape passes the test, it is highlighted in green, and the test continues to the next shape in the process.

    If the process exceeds the maximum number of messages that a test execution can generate, warning messages inform you that logging was truncated and/or shape execution tracking was truncated. You also receive a message telling you whether the execution completed successfully or failed. The first untested shape is highlighted in dark gray. The shapes that follow have no highlighting. The status of each document is reported in the Documents pane.

    Note: For processes (or subprocesses within a process) that include a Process Route component, test mode runs without explicitly deploying the process route or any of its referenced processes.

    Sample process shown in test mode.