Summary of functionality

The following functionalities has been development regarding the integration:

  • Retrieving new sales orders from via a scheduled process.
  • Processing new sales orders towards Navision (NL). Every sales order contains a sales header with optional sales order line(s). All the sales orders will be registered in SDS (database).
  • A fulfillment (shipment) process that retrieves events from Navision (NL). Based on the event from Navison Boomi will do a call back to Navision via a query to retrieve the related sales order header and lines. Afterwards the process will ship the order towards
  • As an extra check Boomi will do a call back to to verify the process shipment status. When the status contains a "FAILURE" Boomi will send an email towards the Tony's Chocolonely support desk.

High-level technical design

Integration processes

M-Sales new sales orders
Process typeScheduled

This process retrieves new sales orders from and send these to a queue for further processing.


M-Sales new sales order
Process typeListener

This process processes sales orders towards Navision NL and registers the orders in SDS.


Integration processes Navision NL -

M-Shipment-NAV shipment created event
Process typeListener

This process retrieves sales order from Navision NL and fulfills these orders in

Remarks shipment process status
Process typeListener

This is a listener process that checks the process status of every sales order in If the status is "FAILURE" Boomi will send a notification towards Tony's Chocolonely support desk.  


Standard scenario's

Process new sales orders from

Expected results

  1. Retrieve all new sales orders from 
  2. Every new sales order from created in Navision NL (header and lines)
  3. Every sales order record exists in SDS


  • Sales order already exists in SDS: record should be ignored.


Process shipment event 

Expected results

  1. The order will be shiped in based on the sales order from Navision NL.
  2. Based on the shipment status in the process will send the response to a queue for further processing or send a email to the Tony's Chocolonely support desk.

Known issues

  • None


  • N/A