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Summary of functionality

  1. The first integration handles employee record updates from the Boomi Hub repository and syncs them to the InSPIE Mendix app. Boomi makes sure that the app receives employee data and a photo. 
  2. The second integration handles focus messages from the Mendix InSPIE app and sends them to a SQL server database


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API documentation


See the attached PDF for the Lucidchart design documents.

High-level technical design
Logical design

Inbound process components

  • S-Relatie-AFAS-MDM-Initial Upload
  • S-Relatie-AFAS-MDM-Get Updates
  • S-Relatie-ANVA-MDM-Initial Upload
  • S-Relatie-ANVA-MDM-Get Updates
  • S-Relatie-MDM-Hoofdnummer-Get Channel Updates
  • L-Relatie-MDM-DQ_Hoofdnummer (Data Quality Step MDM-Relatie)

Outbound process components

  • S-Relatie-MDM-AFAS-Get Channel Updates
  • S-Relatie-MDM-ANVA-Get Channel Updates

Known issues

  • None