• Customer: Sibbing
  • Requestor: Ronald ten Have


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  • Customer: Ronald ten Have
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This release consists of the addition of a new field relatiebeheerder and a change to AFAS address updates. These changes have been combined in a single release.

  1. A new field relatiebeheerder has been added. Source system: AFAS. Destination: ANVA. This is a one-way integration.
    1. Added new field "relatiebeheerder" to MDM model.
    2. S-Relatie-ANVA-MDM-Get Updates: Added qualifier NR=92 to line in profile ANVA-Get Relatie Response.
    3. S-Relatie-ANVA-MDM-Get Updates: mapped line 92 to MDM field relatiebeheerder in Map ANVA-Relatie-Get Response to MDM-Relatie Upsert.
    4. S-Relatie-MDM-AFAS-Get Channel Updates: added custom field U7462C35D455B28D791D2808D9BEB56C2 to profiles KnSalesRelationPer-PUT Request and KnSalesRelationOrg-Put Request.
    5. Mapped MDM field relatiebeheerder to these fields, for both person and organization.
  2. The customer has requested changes to the way updates to AFAS are handled:
    1. If an address (postal or visiting) is changed, it should be accompanied by a starting date of today. 
    2. If just a single address is changed, the non-changing address should be accompanied by a default starting date of 1900-01-01.
    3. If neither address changes, no address information or starting date should be included in the AFAS update.
    4. If the postal and visiting addresses are the same, field PadAdr should be true. Otherwise it should be false. Since this is not an address field, it's always included in AFAS updates.

  • The MDM relatie model is changed for AFAS updates to only include updated fields. This is used to determine whether or not there's an address update and set DPPs appropriately.
  • The full golden record is requested. A business rule checks if the postal and visiting addresses are the same and sets a DPP appropriately.
  • Based on the DPPs, address information is/is not cached. The value of PadAdr is also cached.
  • Map shape MDM-Relatie to AFAS-KnSalesRelationPer PUT-Request is executed using cache lookups for addresses and PadAdr.




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  • Deploy relatie model version 50.

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